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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 27, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> sean: tonight breaking developments related to the benghazi terror attack. fox news has exclusively learned that multiple requests for backup were made by the former navy seal who died at the cia annex and those requests were in fact denied. now, all of this information was obtained by fox news from sources who are on the ground that tragic day in benghazi. here is how this all played out. former navy seal tyrone woods was at the cia annex when heard that shots had in fact been fired at the consulate where ambassador chris stevens was along with his team. not once but twice woods and others at the annex requested from the higher ups permission to go and help those under attack. they were told both times to quote stand down and according to our sources woods and five
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other american heros ignored the orders and went to the consulate anyway and tracted those still in harm's way and searched for the ambassador but could not find him. the group later returned to the cia annex and requested for a third time military assistance and again were denied aboutthy administration. earlier today fox's jennifer griffin explained in detail how the heros could have in fact been saved. >> reporter: four separate mortars were fired at the compound. one of those killed glen dougherty directly. another one hit there was a machine gun position on the roof tyrone woods was hit at that time. but what i'm told by sources who were in benghazi the night of the attack that they did have laser pointers on the mortar fire team and if special operations gunships had been september in and some were on
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standby and teams were on stand by just a few hour's flight away that they could have possibly prevented those mortars that struck the compound. they felt that help was not sent when they requested it. >> sean: tyrone woods risked his mill tar arery career and his life and ultimately gave his life, ignoring orders from superiors to help save the lives of others and what degette in return when asked our government for help that was watching in real time? nothing. and the cia is rejecting the notion that requests for help were denied by them. now, according to a spokesman we can say with confidence that the agency reacted quickly to aid our colleagues during that evening in benghazi. no one at any level in the cia told anybody not to help those in need. claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate. today earlier during a local interview, president obama did what he always does, he dodged the question. listen to this.
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>> were the americans under attack at the consulate in benghazi libya denied requests for help during that' tack? >> the election has nothing to do with four brave americans getting killed and us wanting to find out exactly what happened. these are folks who served under mely that had sent to dangerous places. nobody wants to find out more what happened than i did but we want to make sure that we get it right particularly because i made a commitment to the families impacted as well as the american people we will bring those folk bees to justice. >> moments ago i spoke with the father of this american hero tyrone woods to get reaction to these developments. an incredible interview. here is what he had to say. >> we have learned so much in the aftermath of this attack. and you know we learned that the ambassador first requested security. it was denied. we learned that while they were under attack that they
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requested security and none was forthcoming and we learnd that they were watching this in the state department, charleen lamb said they were watching in in real time so everybody knew what was going on. >> right, exactly. when i went back to washington, d.c. when the bodies were flown in i knew that something was fishy. it just -- it was just obvious that something was wrong with this picture and in my mind i questioned, you know, this was obviously a long drawn out battle. why there was no immediate air support sent in that would have saved the lives of not just the other 30 people but also the life of my son who truly was an american hero? now, it has come out that pleas for help were made not just by the other individuals but by my
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son and these pleas were turned down by the white house. now, as you know i'm a retired attorney and i know that these actions legally do not constitute murder but in my mind the people in the white house all of them who have authority to send in reenforcements to prevent what they knew was going to be the death of my son are guilty of murdering my son. there is new information that came out this morning that my son on a couple of different occasions requested permission to go to the aide of those 30 people being attacked and on at least two of the first occasion he was told stay where you are are at, let them die, don't go and it does not surprise me that my son disobeyed orders in
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order to save american lives. that is the type of american hero he was. >> sean: so after he was told to stand down as i understand t there were numerous other are pleas for help and your son actually as i understand it rescued many people and got them out of the consulate. is that true? >> you know, one of the real touching e-mails i got was -- i won't mention a name but i received an e-mail from someone who said your son's sacrifice saved my life and he saved more than one life and that is the type of man he was. that is the type of leadership the military needs. >> sean: so if he would have obeyed that order to stand down rather than help the ambassador's team that person is telling you they wouldn't be alive today. >> that is correct. >> sean: and then -- >> and a many other people as well. >> sean: your son first got involved, was told to stand
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down after they heard shots at a approximately 9:40 p.m. now, as i understand it, it wasn't until about 4:00 a.m. the next day that your son after he had rescued other people was still fighting in this attack and it was then that he took on mortar fire? >> that is my understanding. for seven hours the cowards in the white house were watching something they knew that was going to potentially kill those 30 people and potentially kill my son and they refused to do that even though they had a moral duty to send support they chose not to. this is not the way the seals operate. the seals are an honorable unit and ty was honorable by disoh boying the powers in the white house that told him not to rescue those lives.
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>> sean: your son was told to stand down. a navy seal, risks h his military career and his life for 7 full hours and rescues all these people. multiple requests throughout the entire period go, it is be hing watched in real time and nobody sends any help. i can't fathom this. and then we are told the president goes out there for two weeks and couldn't admit this is a tort attack. why do you think he tried to blame it on the video or denied it was a terror attack? >> unfortunately, sean, we have a generation of liars who have no moral background. hopefully my son's sacrifice and his moral courage and his moral strength will encourage our next generation to be completely different. that we will change our direction. that we will raise up a new generation of true american here are rows such as my son --
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heros such as my son who have moral courage and who are are not liars like too many people in authority are nowadays. >> i know you met the president and you met hillary clinton. when they had this service. >> that is, correct. at andrew's air force base when the bodies were flown in. >> sean: you said the president couldn't look you in the eye and it was like shaking hands with a dead fish. >> that's exactly right. >> sean: and so you felt he couldn't look you in the eye and that basically empathy and you said the same thing pretty much about hillary clinton? >> right. what happened was he came through there kind of after everyone else had been in the room circulating and he came over and shook my hand, you know, i wanted to do more than just shake his hand so i kind of put my arm around his shoulder to have just a little bit of physical warmth, not a
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major hug but just a small one and he kind of -- it wasn't in a powerful voice it was more of just a whiney little voice i'm sorry. i could tell my his voice he wasn't even sorry. it would be like a little kid that is told by the teacher to go apologize to johnny out on the play ground and when looked at me his face was pointed towards me but he couldn't look me in the eye. he was shooing over my shoulder and like i say, i thought he political -- literally like shaking hands with a dead fish. i did not believe him at all as far as his being sore arery and now we understand why. was he one of those cowards that was in the white house watching my son being murdered on tv and refusing to do anything? that is a question that he will probably not have the courage to answer publicly but i would like to personally know that answer and one of these days the whole i'm sure that we will
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have that answer. >> sean: it is the hardest thing to lose a child and learning about the heroics of your son are beyond inspiring. he put everything on the line, you know, if we want to use a biblical quote no greater love hath a man than to day down his life for someone else. your son lay down his life for others. >> thank you very much, sean. i appreciate the work you are doing. >> sean: i appreciate your time. thank you for being with us. >> sean: coming up, congressman darrell issa reacts to the interview you just heard. get your eye pads ready because next week we will reveal an exciting new you feature for the show. a brand new online extension of the program called hannity live that will give you bonus material live from the control room. participate in exclusive
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>> sean: joining me are two men trying to get to the bottom of the lies and coverup. so we just heard from charles woods the father of this
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american hero. here is a navy seal he s a mile away he is not at the consulate. he hears the cries for help. he is told to stand down twice. he puts his military career, his life in jeopardy and then gives his life because he is not -- and saves about what, 30 people. how is it possible that -- and he was killed 7 hours later. how is it possible congressman issa that everybody was requesting help before and during and no help came. how is that possible? >> as you know, our men and women in uniform believe that you respond and you don't believe people out there unprotected and certainly don't leave people behind. he was doing the right thing and i think his father deserves to be outraged that 7 hours passed and while overhead predator aircraft could see what was going on no aircraft, no is support was brought in to protect these men and women that could have prevented the loss of his son and the others.
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>> sean: congressman, it is my sources tell me that we are talking about two videos and audio that are available right now, in other words, that we have got the drone video. we have on the compound this was in real time the state department viewed this. and that i'm told that there were audio tapes and this is what tyrone woods this navy seal was hearing which caused him to disobey orders to go save american lives. is there any way we request -- the american people can hear and see the evidence? >> well, first of all, god bless him. you you know, the men and women who step up and do this, gosh, and you just know there are others that had proximity that also wanted to come toker that aide. we had a hearing about this and the state department official testified they were witnessing this in real time starting back at 9:40 and this attack happened at 4:00 a.m.
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i just don't understand what was taking so long and with why dedidn't send help. >> as i understand this it was all going on the situation room they could have pulled up this video. is that true? in other words, as it was coming in, didn't our intelligence, didn't the white house have the ability to pull up the video? did nobody tell them what was happening but yet they were convened in the situation room? do we have an answer to that, congressman issa? >> sean, we do and unfortunately, 100% of our answers are coming from whistle blowers and people who can't take the lies coming out of the state department and the white house and they are the ones letting us know about the video. about the inability for are people who were ready to respond to respond. essentially about the coverup of this being a terrorist attack before, during and after it occurred. and that is what we are are seeing more and more. before when there were previous attacks in june nothing was
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done because they didn't want it to look that way. during the attack they wanted to pretend like it wasn't happening even at the cost of lives and afterwards even after it was clear the president knew this was a terrorist' tack he continued for two weeks to have the american people want to believe that it was somebody in l.a. and understand the secretary of state made a promise to get the man in l.a. arrested and they did get him arrested on a technicality. very clear early part of furthering a conspiracy to lie to the american people and it is what i think is upsetting americans. this shouldn't be a campaign issue. but you can't lie to the american people about the growth and the threat of al-qaeda and then not expect the cia and other loyal americans to leak. >> sean: so congressman chaffetz let me stay on this before during and after. before the attack took place the ambassador requested additional security. it was denied and then even
2:20 am
decreased. that has been established. during the attacks an urgent request for military backup, multiple requests as the attack is going on. that was denied even though we have mill tare arery within an hour away. and after that the president up to two weeks later goes on "the view" and denied still it was a terrorist attack and points to the video which had nothing to do with it and says it it was spontaneous and it wasn't spontaneous. four americans dead and our embassy burned out and the president lying for two weeks. is there any possible way he did not know? >> there cannot be. we see e-mails that went directly in to the situation room there at the white house. they were copied in to the other intelligence agencies and they were witnessing this in real time. what is in furiating is that you talk to the families and interview the families and they don't know what happened. i can tell you that i went to libya and visited with general hamm in charge of the continent
2:21 am
of africa, i asked him if he had the capability and the proximity and thence was, yes. i said why didn't he act? he said because he wasn't asked to. he is a four star are general. there aren't many people between him and the president. somebody did not decide to take action. >> sean: and the president -- we played this in the a block. the president was asked whether or not they denied the mill tare arery that was requested during an attack. remember, tyrone woods was killed seven hours after he went against orders to stand down. it was seven hours later and he went back and he fought after multiple requests. they could -- and our military was less than two hours away. so who made the decision not to grant thi this request? >> remember that after he was killed there was still hours more before we got more than a dozen people out of there. to a safe live ton get to the airport. it was still going on after woods was killed.
2:22 am
>> sean: what a shame. >> sean. >> sean: real quick. >> the undeniable truth is the president wanted to say in a debate that he told everyone that this was a terrorist attack two days later and then on "the view" he wants to tell people it wasn't. the question is which time was he lying. >> sean: and david letterman and on jon stewart it wasn't "optimal" which is pretty cold. we i stay on the story. i would like to see the video. any chance we get to see it before the election. hear the audio. >> we should. it is out there. the president said he would. he said he would show it as the information is out there. >> sean: let's see president transparency. let the american people see this and get this in real time. coming up next, bob woodward on the latest polls. and then. >> your first time shouldn't be with anybody. you want to do it with a great guy. it shelling attacks should be with a guy with -- it should be with a guy that is beautiful and understands about and cares
2:23 am
about women. >> probably most inappropriate ad of the election season hits the air waves courtesy is of barack obama. we have reaction
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>> sean: tonight big news on the campaign trail regarding
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the 2012 race for the white house. according to the latest polling data the romney surge is continuing nationally and in swing states across america. let's begin with the gallup survey showing that once again, governor romney is leading the president by a comfortable margin. 51 to 46%. that number is reflected in the daily ra rasmussen tracking po. also from rasmussen romney has a four-point advantage 50 to 46 in the key wing states. here with reaction author of the price of politics bob woodward is with us. before we get to the polls, bob, i wanted to ask you in light of reading your book cover to cover and he really enjoyed it. >> thank you. >> sean: and i have not enjoyed by the way, some are pretty tough on people i like. in all seriousness in light of what you concluded with the president on economic issues and the grand bargain and opportunity missed. here we have this father at the
2:28 am
top of the show tonight telling this story, we learnd that they requested help, americans under fire they were denied these requests. guy had to literally go against orders to save people and for seven hours he went there fighting the fight and saving people's lives and still they were denied military assistance. what do you make of this? >> that somebody really needs to investigate it and you can't have a self-investigation. you have to have somebody from the outside do it. it is rare that congress can do this successfully. but i was very struck when obama was asked about this in that interview you ran and he was ask about benghazi and said "that is not what this election is about." well, that is a strange answer because for some people who want answers to this question it is central to are we getting
2:29 am
good information is there straight talk coming out of the administration? and he shelling attacks should be an advocate for -- and he should be an advocate for straight talk and getting to the bottom of t. when somebody asks about something that he doesn't want the election to be about, that is -- if you ask me a question and i say no no, that is not wt we should talk about all kinds of alarm bells are going to go off. >> sean: your years as a reporter back up that observation. he specifically asked now you that you brought it up if he denied assistance for the embassy when they were under fire. this raises the question that came up during water gate which you are famous for, what did they know and when did they know it? we should hear the tape. >> i know you are on his case and i think there are a lot of facts that we don't know. but it has got to be an
2:30 am
independent inquiry. if he was serious about it, the president he would say to the attorney general appoint an independent counsel to look at this and report to you about what happened. but i mean the more people peel the onion on this the more unanswered questions there are and just flat out inconsistencies. that does not mean you can jump to the conclusion there was something thasomething that ner massive coverup going on. >> sean: they testified they were watching the attack in real time. my sources told me that the drone video exists and audio! that caused this brave navy seal to go against orders to stand down, audio exists and video from the compound exists.
2:31 am
don't you think in light of what was the ambassador requested security, was denied security. they called in for security the night this happened and were denied multiple times. don't you think we ought to see those tapes maybe before the election? >> sure, listen anybody in my business is for transparency. obviously those that are going to be classified videos and classified audio tapes and so they can hide behind that. you know, in the remaining days before the election i really wouldn't count on getting the kind of data that we would like. but it should be an insistences -- this is -- in watergait this is what happened in the investigations that have been successful where all hydraulic pressure in the political system built up and said the only way we can satisfy people is to have the real independent gloves off
2:32 am
inquiry and that is what we need here. >> sean: two weeks later the president was asked point blank if it was terror and he said no. in watergate it was a burglary and nobody die. >> and he is giving inconsistent answers and that needs to be ironed out. in fairness, i have seen so many of these things over 40 years. sometimes it turns out that there is massive concealment and deception, even criminality and sometimes it is just incompetentence and you talk about audio and videos. i can see that those would exist. who was looking at it. when. what authority did they have. >> sean: the state department in real time. >> but who in the state department? some guy on the 3:00 a.m. watch? >> sean: charlotte lamb. let the american people see it before the election. i have to roll.
2:33 am
i didn't have time to ask you about sequestration. >> the most inappropriate ad today. what was the obama campaign thinking comparing a vote for the anointed one to losing one's virginity. we will show you the video and debate t. maybe republicans should pay for are this ad. for are this ad. straight a a a a a ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to
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2:38 am
reaction from americans for prosperity jennifer steve >> gives me free birth control and. >> that a all we need. the president is not the first one to use virgin voting humor, right? >> really. >> don't you remember? don't you remember who said i know what it feels like to vote republican for the first time? it actually hurts a little bit but then. >> sean: who said that? >> then it feels just great. >> ronald reagan. >> sean: he did not! he did not! >> i need to fact check that. fact check that. >> sean: i have to fact check that. was that a regan ad? >> ronald reagan. he was quoting a line. >> he was a quoting. >> he was talking to someone about being a democrat. talking about being a democrat and then crossing the line and voting republican. >> i don't find this ad insulting at all.
2:39 am
what i find insulting that the president of the united states allows the benito attack to happen and allows a united states navy seal to die after he calls for backup and nobody from the white house sends help. i find it insulting more women than men have lost jobs under this president. >> and they are in poverty and on food stamps. >> and women are their children are the largest group living in poverty. that is insulting. >> sean: remember the president said this. let's start with this. >> because if you don't have any fresh ideas then you use stale tactics to scare voters. if you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your oh opponent as someone people should run from. you make a big election about small things. >> sean: small things. big bird. bayonets. that romney is is bs-er. grandma over the cliff and
2:40 am
republicans don't care about kids with down's syndrome. sort of like obama's campaign for the whole season because he can't run on the $6 trillion in debt. fewer americans working. 25 million unand under employed. he can't run on that. >> i think the reality is that unemployment is definitely going down. gdp numbers are better. >> sean: fewer americans working. >> indication of our well, weeing. >> sean: 2% is pathetic. >> romney is getting december pratt and attacking the ads when in fact -- >> whoa. first of all, he can't run on a real economy economic message. >> the ad that was ad aimed at the 18-year-olds that haven't voted for obama and obama is hoping are as mindless as the video makes them out to be, one in every two kids graduating from college right now, cannot find a job. >> sean: african americans
2:41 am
14.4%. >> middle classes women are struggling to make decisions between filling gas tank and putting food on the table for their children. >> sean: obama's demographic constituency if you look at core demographics, african american unemployment 14.4%. hispanic americans. women have lost millions of jobs and we have 4 million american women, new women poverty under obama. >> african americans have always been the canary in the mines when it congresswomans to depression or poor economic status. >> obama hasn't helped them. it has gotten worse. >> it has not gotten worse. >> we are all of the canaries in the mine under president obama. >> they have improved tremendously under the president. >> no. the president of the united states the video shows the president of the united states decides to act like a drunk frat boy deciding to pick up a
2:42 am
trollop and we all bow down and go barack obama, we just love him. i'm not the sum of my reproductive parts is number one. i have aspirations greater than free birth control and free abortion for me and my children so take that insulting video. >> you know what is insulting. >> he is continue -- what is insulting. >> are the people in your party. >> i am not a political party. >> todd aken. >> he. >> sean: i got to go. [ overlapping speakers ] >> that is exactly why -- that is exactly why this ad is effective. >> sean: got to go. jennifer's husband just passed out in the corner. >> he is wonderful, isn't he? >> wonderful. >> a great guy. coming up, the right arm of the obama campaign also known as nbc news play the race card once again and again and again. does chris matthews have no shame. we will play you his latest comments. who will win, ohio's must-win
2:43 am
18 electoral votes. we will check in with÷÷
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>> sean: as both candidates head into the final stretch of the campaign there is one critical state that could hold the keys not white house for governor romney and that is the state of ohio. historically no republican candidate has won the election without taking this battleground state. the latest poll shows governor romney in a dead heat with the president both at 48% and as obama is relying mainly on the quote auto bailout for a victor arery in the state, voters are more concerned about the overall economy. romney is leading obama when it comes to the handling of the economy. joining us is michael barone. what do you think? >> what is happening in ohio? well, this was one of the three firewall states.
2:48 am
the obama campaign wanted to concentrate on three states where they got the lowest winning percentages in 2008 except for indiana and north carolina which they conceded, florida, ohio and virginia. since the october 3 debate, florida seems to be gone toward mitt romney. he has been winning almost all polls this. virginia has been even tending a little toward romney in my judgment. ohio has been a little stickier. are the auto bailout is an issue there. if you look at the polls what you will see is white noncollege voters. a group that was 58-40 for john mccain nationally four years ago are not giving romney in ohio that much of an edge. and so i think there is some gain that the democrats have gotten from that -- that huge barrage of antiromney ads they ran before the convention. i would say this, though, sean. i think there is some reason to beware arery of the ohio polls. we are seeing results there in the most recent weeks there
2:49 am
varying in between a tie and a five point obama swing. but you we are also seeing in the polls almost all of them the 11 in which the real clear politics .com average is based romney way ahead as much as is 20 points among independents and when you look at the party identification figure there, the average in those 11 polls is 39-32, a 7-point advantage. that is essentially equivalent to what the exit poll proclaimed although as josh jordan points out in national review the exit poll party i.d. doesn't seem to match with the actual results in the exit the poll or the actual results and he estimates that the democratic party i.d. advantage was about five points. the average poll here is showing it at 7 which is more even though everywhere are else in the country the democratic party i.d. advantage has gone away or disappeared. >> sean: can you glean anything from the air early voteing that we are seeing in ohio? you understand this state better than anybody county by
2:50 am
county and what do you make of wisconsin, 49-all? michigan, 48-all? pennsylvania? you think those numbers are real? >> think those numbers are within range of being real. in ohio the republicans make the point that the early democrats who are voting tend to be more high propensity voters. people that voted in three of the last four elections and republicans people that are identified as republican on the basis of participation in the party primary, there is no party registration in ohio, a lot of those are low prosensity. getting votes from people who might not otherwise show up on election day. we also know that early voting is way down in cleveland's county. the largest county in the state. there isn't as big a reservoir of votes for democrat there any more. cuyahoga county lost 150,000 people in the last ten years.
2:51 am
while the democrats try to keep the departed on o the roles they won't necessarily. michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin they didn't run the barrage of antiromney ads preconvention there and those were 16-14 and 10 point obama states. how to they he look close to being even or not polls you cited even states and that is places where romney could win even if he doesn't win, ohio. >> sean: who is winning this race? >> mitt romney. >> sean: michael barone. thanks for being with us. appreciate it. >> chris matthews is playing the race card and this time attacking governor palin. desperation in full force at nbc news. we'll play you the insane comments, next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benets with theisks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen, and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death. this chance increases if you have heart disease risk factors suh as high blood pressure or when nsaids are taken for long periods. nsaids, including celebrex, increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions or stomach a intestine problems, such as bleeding and cers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the eldey are at incrsed risk for stoch bleeding and ulcers. do not take celebrex if you've had an asthma attack, hives, or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides.
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get help rightway if you have swelng of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion.
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